The dinner party

I love getting asked random questions. Would I rather wear earmuffs or nose plugs for the rest of my life? Is sauce considered a topping on pizza (the answer is yes)? Would I rather sing everything I say, or dance everywhere I go?

Some of these were pretty goofy questions I’ve been asked, but one serious question has always stood out to me over the years: if I were to host a dinner party with people from history, who would I invite?

My inner historian weeps at the prospect of narrowing down my list to a more-manageable size. Personally, my attendees range in different personalities and eras: from Marie Antoinette to Annie Oakley, from Catherine of Aragon to Ida B. Wells, from Audrey Hepburn to Dian Fossey, and from Amy Carmichael to Harriet Tubman. In some way or another, these women have inspired me, despite their mistakes or any challenges they faced.

The other reason I love this question is because of the setting: a dinner party. Nothing makes me happier than hosting gatherings to create a sense of fellowship among attendees as we learn more about one another; the inviting of newer acquaintances helps grow the relationship, and the inviting of dear friends deepens the shared bond. The laughs, stories, and deep conversations shared among all are priceless.

This past week, my thoughts went to this question, but with a new perspective. If I were to host a dinner party for people from the Bible, who would I invite?

I had absolutely no idea. Besides inviting Jesus, of course.

What if I had to invite others besides Him? Who would be the people I could find myself relating to, or learning more about?


Living in a Christian household for the entirety of your life does allow you to become quite familiar with Biblical characters. But, am I simply familiar with the concept of the person, or with who the person actually was according to the Bible’s record?

Spending time reading God’s Word exposes us to a multitude of people. Not for simple entertainment, but to serve as examples of what walking in close companionship with God looks like.

As I thought about this, I decided to create a challenge for myself, and one that I invite you to participate in as well.

Over the next month, I want each of you to imagine that if you had to host a dinner party, to decide on three Biblical characters that you would invite so you can learn more about them. 

Not only is this a chance to spend more time in God’s Word (let’s be honest, who couldn’t improve in this area?), it’s a chance to comprehend the material we’re reading and to learn something new. This is not a full-blown, dedicating-my-life-to-writing-a-biography-on-this-person event. This is an opportunity to expand past what we think we know, and look more deeply into God’s Word.

I don’t see how this can go wrong, or any downside to doing this.

There are only things to gain.

I encourage you to create your list of people. I have mine below, with the reason of why I chose them:

  • Joseph (Genesis) – I’ve always admired Joseph and his character despite the challenges he faced, and I’d love the opportunity to look more closely at his life to learn about his relationship with God.
  • PaulAt least over half the Christians I know would probably say Paul is one of their favorite people from the Bible, and I adopted a mentality that he was an incredible man (which he was) based only on others’ accounts. I’d personally like to look more into his life’s transformation and ministry to see why he is so beloved by many Christians.
  • Martha – I know it’s easy to get stuck in a mindset of accomplishing a task, while forgetting the main purpose of what you’re trying to accomplish. However, I believe that are other positive things we can learn from her.

On March 27th, I want to share what I’ve learned with you, and I hope you’ll join me on the adventure this next month. I don’t want this to be one-sided. I’d love to hear from you as well (yes, you. I see you hiding behind your phone, thinking about that Buzzfeed quiz you just saw on your Facebook Newsfeed)!

Respond to this post below, comment on Facebook, learn how to communicate with flag signals, send a note in the bottle, use smoke signals, whatever. You don’t have to be a WordPress member to comment below! That means no excuses, people.

I can’t wait to hear who you’ve decided to “invite,” and to hear what you’ve learned at the end of this journey.


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6 thoughts on “The dinner party”

  1. Would I rather sing everything I say, or dance everywhere I go?

    Love this! Quite a tough one.

    In terms of the Bible, obviously Jesus, but three others would be Moses, Paul, and Sarah. Moses because I want to see if he is really shy and unassuming, Paul because I’d love to put a face to the person behind to all those amazing stories, and Sarah because she was so beautiful that Abraham felt he had to pretend she was his sister.

    Great blog – love your style! God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They definitely are! I first started enjoying them when I was in junior high; my youth pastor had a book of “Would You Rather” questions that he would ask before church every Sunday morning. I’ve heard very interesting questions over the years. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jonah because God continued to use him even after he tried very hard to run the other way. Peter because he was such an important figure in the development of the early church, he would have awesome first hand stories of what it was like traveling with Jesus, he left everything to follow Jesus, and he was never afraid to ask questions or speak his mind, so I think he’d make an interesting dinner guest 🙂 Finally, Abraham because he followed God’s direction and left everything he knew behind. I feel like God has been calling me lately to seek His will and obey, despite what it might mean leaving behind, because the path He sees for me is so much better than what I can imagine. Marissa’s challenge is an awesome way for me to continue to seek Him and find encouraging examples of how He used these people. Thanks Marissa!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jenna! All three of those men are excellent examples of stepping out in faith to seek God’s will for our lives (even if it takes us a while, like Jonah 😉 ). I can’t wait to hear how the challenge goes for you! 🙂


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